We rent inflATABLE stand up paddle boards across Antalya province
Adventures journey on
inflatable SUP boards!
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We rent premium quality products for stand up paddleboarding.
All inflatable SUP boards is incredibly versatile, perfectly balancing the characteristics you need.
We rent inflatable SUP boards across Antalya province
How it works
We deliver premium quality inflatable SUP boards to you via courier - or you collect from us in Kemer
  • Price per day reduces for more days of hire!
  • Use our secure booking and payment systems
  • We are competitively priced and offer a unique service like no other
  • Select minimum rental three days in calendar (No Saturday delivery possible)
  • You receive SUP board the day before your actual hire day, so you are not paying for days in transit
  • Delivery on the same day in Kemer, Çamyuva, Kiriş and Göynük
  • For our courier service to other parts of Antalya province delivery may take maximum 2 days
  • The SUP boards packed down in to original wheel backpack and come with all needed accessories
  • Unpack and inflate your SUP board and get on the water!
  • Explore, relax, laugh, breathe, sunbathe…
  • Whatever your purpose let us help you on to a SUP this season
  • Plese remember to protect your SUP from direct sunlight
  • Clean and dry SUP board, roll it out and pack back in a transportation backpack
  • Bring the kit to post or kargo office nearby and return it to us
  • Depending on the city where you rent our SUP you will receive updated return instructions
  • We receive the SUP back - clean and wash it for upcoming customers
  • Any feedback on our social networks is appreciated.
  • Any feedback left on Instagram or Facebook guarantees you a discount of 5% or more on our services.
We rent inflatable SUP boards across Antalya province
All you need is
Suphero Kit!
Every Suphero Kit is inclusive of a range of accessories that compliment your chosen inflatable SUP board and ensures you can jump straight into your very own paddling experience
Suphero Kit
No matter which size of inflatable SUP board you choose it will come in original wheeled backpak with iSUP board itself and all necessary accessories:
  • iSUP board
  • Wheeled backpack
  • Carbon shaft paddle
  • Quick release fin
  • Coiled leash
  • High-pressure dual action hand pump
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Life vest (on demant)
  • Hermetic bag (on demand)
Prices reduces for more days of hire!
Why pay for 1 or 2 hours rent on the beach?
Pay the same for the whole day of journey!
Solo Kit
Tandem Kit
Family Kit
3-5 days rent
200 TL per day
 300 TL per day
400 TL per day
6-8 days rent
180 TL per day
270 TL per day
360 TL per day
9-11 days rent
160 TL per day
240 TL per day
320 TL per day
12-14 days rent
140 TL per day
210 TL per day
280 TL per day
15 days and more
On request
On request
On request
We rent inflatable SUP boards across Antalya province
Inflatable SUP boards for rent
We deliver premium quality inflatable SUP boards to you via courier - or you collect from us
Life vests for you and your crew

Life vests gives more buoyancy to help you stay afloat in water

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Few ideas to SUPing nearby
Where can I try SUPing?
SUPing has leaped in popularity over the past few years – so the world is your oyster when it comes to great spots for trying it out
Explore, relax, laugh, breathe, sunbathe... on SUP with Suphero!
We are on Shark 11'0"/34 All Round
We love sharing our enjoyment of being on the water and it’s safe to say that it’s become a way of life for us.

Every inflatable SUP board comes with an all-inclusive accessories package enabling you to get straight out on the water.
Everything you need to get SUPing and more
Inflatable SUP boards for sell
Our inflatable SUP boards is incredibly versatile, perfectly balancing the characteristics you need
Everything you need to get paddling and moree
Accessories for sale
Our range of accessories is designed to compliment your ride and style.
More products
FREE DELIVERY on order over 5000 TL Turkey wide
Free delivery for inflatable SUP boards
Our freight is carefully packaged to protect your brand new inflatable SUP board

Same day delivery guarantee
Free of charge for purchases over 500 TL

Maximum 2 days delivery
Free of charge for purchases over 3000 TL

Minimum 2 days delivery
Free of charge for purchases over 6000 TL
Constant Forward Motion
We rent and sell Shark SUPs products
Premium quality, environmentally friendly production, high technologies, modern design, and outstanding durability
Premium quality
Excellent quality of gluing - the seams are even and neat, without glue residues.
Cargo system is very spacious.
Dual layer construction inflates up to 25 PSI.
The deck will not sag under the rider's feet if recommended load are followed.
SHARK are working with The Shark Trust, to help safeguard the future of sharks through positive changes and already identified product development potential that will mean SUP's and their riders could have a positive and influential impact on conservation of oceans.
If industry continues to produce SUP's using traditional materials and methods we risk not having the oceans and waterways.
SHARK are committed to sustaining the ecosystems we enjoy paddling by creating the most environmentally friendly products.
‘Constant Forward Motion’

SHARK SUPs mission is to evolve SUP design, manufacturing and technology, placing our planet’s and paddleboarder’s needs at the heart of Shark SUPs organisation.
Combating the negative impact humans have on the environment is no mean feat. SHARK practice this in organisation by encouraging paddlers, staff and partners to contribute new ideas to ‘Ecovate’ Hub. Ideas are researched and considered to identify if they fit are incorporated into business strategy.
SHARK SUPs are not afraid to think outside the box and are working on concepts that they hope will revolutionise the iSUP industry. SHARK SUPs team of engineers are challenging themselves to identify and test more environmentally friendly materials and methods of manufacturing for our entire stand up paddleboard range.
SUPing is adventurous journey
What is stand up paddleboarding?
Stand Up Paddleboarding [SUPing] is a watersport that’s become popular in a past few years. People use a paddle to propel themselves forward while standing or kneeling on SUP board.
With low environmental impact, taking to your board is a brilliant way of slowing things down and really seeing a place – wherever you happen to be.
And it also provides a double whammy of strength and cardio training: training you can enjoy.
Is SUPing a good workout?
SUPing is an excellent workout. Few activities provide such an extensive range, from upper body training to leg work and core strength building. At the same time, it’s also a fairly low-intensity and fun thing to do.
SUPing burns loads of calories
What you get out of SUPing depends on what you put in: the more you go at it, the more you’ll burn. According to SUP World Mag even a casual pootle can churn through 430 calories in the space of an hour. That’s about double the figure you’d burn on a moderately-paced walk over the same time period. Upgrade your SUPing session to a yoga workout, and you’ll get through 540 calories in an hour, while an hour of SUP touring (paddling for a distance without stopping at moderate pace) will burn 708 calories, the same level as SUP surfing (like actual surfing, in the sea, but with a paddle).
SUPing is great for your core
Want to get your core up and running without the pain of a plank? Let stand up paddleboarding be your guide. This is a brilliant way to put your core through its paces, since your abdominal muscles will be constantly working to help you keep your balance. It’s more gentle and fun core exercise than say, a seated barbell twist, and yet you’ll definitely feel the reward in action.
SUPing builds all-body strength
Beyond the core alone, SUP is also a great all-round body workout. It’s an exercise in strength and endurance that requires almost every element of the body to cooperate and pull its weight. When you paddle through the water, your quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees work together to propel you forward. Your leg muscles also up their game to help the core in keeping your balance. And yet, you don’t really feel the ache in the same way as you might in the gym, as you’re distracted by the motion of gliding across water. It’s the perfect cross-trainer, providing both aerobic and strength-based training.
What are the benefits of SUPing?
Much of the appeal of SUPing lies in its tempting simplicity. It doesn’t matter what your body size, shape or level of fitness is. It’s so easy, pretty much anyone can get involved.
SUPing is low-impact and relaxing 
Forget a hardcore weight-lifting session. SUP will kick your body into shape, but without the residue intensity of other strength-based workouts. It’s also easier to master than say, skiing, and less daunting than something like surfing. It’s up to you how intense you want to make it (current and speed will make the difference) but this is a good activity for anyone who fancies easing themselves into exercise. Surrounded by the beauty of the open landscape, it’s pretty relaxing and you can grab a refresher – by diving into the water – whenever it gets too intense.
SUPing immerses you in nature 
As well as being a form of exercise, stand up paddleboarding is about escapism. You get to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, with the sun on your shoulders, and water stretching out all around you. It’s a rich and immersive experience, and one that will bring you face-to-face with the meditative delights of Mother Nature.
SUPing lets you see the world at your pace
SUP provides a full-body workout in the most amazing settings. When you see the world on water, you gain a whole new perspective. And you can use it to broaden your travel horizons, too. Whether you’re paddling your way down a dense tropical waterway in the Philippines, or marvelling at the wilderness of central Europe, stand up paddleboarding carves out a whole new, and more serene, vantage point. It’s a unique way of spotting out wildlife, and appreciating the rich natural beauty of the planet’s lakes, rivers and coastal stretches. It taps into the delights of slow travel, too.
SUPing comes with the perfect cool down
For us, the best kind of workouts end with some chill time – and that’s certainly the case with stand up paddleboarding. Whenever you feel like you’ve paddled enough, you can simply stretch out on your board and soak in the rays. Have a gentle snooze, splash some water over you to cool down; or start an impromptu water fight with your SUP neighbour (#yolo). Since you can paddleboard anywhere in the world – and even in the same place, wind and water conditions will vary – this is a workout where no two sessions will ever be the same. So, kick back, relax and make the most of this supremely soothing sport.
Care And Maintenance
Prolong the lifespan of your inflatable SUP board
To keep your inflatable SUP board strong, clean, looking good and functioning as it should let's look at how to properly clean your inflatable SUP board, store, transport it and repair
Do NOT store your board in direct or indirect sunlight while not in use!
  • A good way of maintaining your iSUP is to not leave it under the sun. Leaving it exposed to the suns rays will heat the board which may cause it burst or break depending on the exposure time.
  • Any plastic product will get damaged from the sun, and the same goes with inflatable paddle boards.
  • Just like exposure to the sun, it´s also not convenient to leave it in place where it will heat up; vans, closed cars or containers under the sun which will heat the interior.
Keep your iSUP board DRY and CLEAN so it will serve you for many years!
  • Clean the iSUP after each paddling journey. Simply hose it with fresh water. You might want to use mild soap and rub it clean with a piece of clothing or brush every now and then when need be (avoid harsh cleaners).
  • Dry the board before folding, rolling up or storing. You can tap the board with some clothing and then roll it up for temporary storing in the backpack or what have you. Leaving it wet will promote the growth of bacteria and mold as well as weaken the seams.
How to store your iSUP?
  • You can store an iSUP while it’s inflated or deflated, this is not an issue in itself. BUT before storing, make sure the iSUP board is clean and fully dry, with attachables removed (when rolled).
  • When stored deflated and rolled up, the bottom of the board should be against the ground rather than standing up against a wall on its side (rails).
  • When stored inflated, do NOT place items on top of it, even if they seem lighter objects.
  • Storage area should ideally be indoors, under shade, dry, and NOT too hot.
How to transport your iSUP?
Obviously one of the greatest advantages of an iSUP is that it can be easily deflated, packed away and carried in a backpack.
Transport inflated iSUP is also possible BUT not for long and with care:
  • Place iSUP on the roof rack centered between the crossbars deck down, tail first.
  • Attach the straps according to your roof rack model. Adding a twist in the strap will prevent it from flapping loudly in the wind.
  • Do NOT live your iSUP in direct sunlight for a long time!
Scratches and scuffs are very common and considered normal wear and tear.
  • In case of deeper tears or leaks don't panic but find the place by applying fresh water over the area. Deflate the board, clean the area properly and let it dry.
  • Apply glue from your repair kit to the leak liberally with three layers of glue 20 minutes apart.
  • Take a PVC patch from your repair kit and cut it in a rounded shape a little larger than the area with the leak and press it down over the leak with something heavy.
  • Wait 24 hours before inflating your SUP again.
We rent inflatable SUP boards across Antalya province
About Us

We rent inflatable SUP boards across Antalya province

Adventures journey on inflatable SUP boards!

We are a family from Russia and run a 3 STARS company with our office and base in Kemer, Antalya of Turkey, where we launched a series of startups offering rentals and sales for locals and tourists.

We love sharing our enjoyment of being on the water and it’s safe to say that it’s become a way of life for all us.

SUPing have to be the most versatile, accessible and affordable way to get out there, get fit and have some fun.

We are interested in creating new opportunities, launch startups to solve problems in key sectors of the Turkey economy and monetize benefits from projects.

Sharing economy, internet of things, online payments, know your customer, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other solutions are at the core of 3 STARS startups.

Suphero is one of our startup projects and the first online service for renting inflatable SUP boards and accessories for SUPing on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Our inflatable SUP boards are versatile and pack down in to the boot of a car or tricycle easily – they’re great for a day out or for a holiday with the kids.

We really hope that our service and we will help you get out on the water some time soon.

I am glad to bring Suphero online and that our clients will be able to rent SUP boards and accessories necessary for outdoor activities without leaving their home or hotel room, choosing delivery and return options directly on our website.

Explore, relax, laugh, breathe, sunbathe... SUPing with Suphero!

Anton Kopysov
Founder and owner
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.

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