Care And Maintenance

Extend the life of the SUP board

To keep your inflatable SUP board strong, looking good, and functioning properly, let's look at how to properly clean, store, transport, and even repair it.

Do not store an inflated SUP board in the sun while not in use!
  • Any product made of PVC or plastic is subject to sun damage, and the SUP board is no exception.
  • A good way to take care of your inflatable SUP board is to keep it out of the sun.
  • If you leave your SUP board in the sun, it will heat up, which can cause it to warp, or even explode!
  • In addition, the inflated SUP board should not be left in places where it can become hot, such as in vans, closed cars, or containers in the sun.
Keep your inflatable SUP board dry and clean for years to come!
  • Rinse your SUP board with fresh water after every ride. To wash the SUP board, you can use a liquid soap (avoid harsh and aggressive cleaners), and you can wipe the SUP board with any textile, be it a rag, towel, or piece of clothes.
  • Dry the board before folding, rolling, or storing. If you fold your SUP board wet and leave it that way for long periods, it will allow bacteria and mold to grow and weaken the seams.
How to store an inflatable SUP board?
  • Whether deflated or inflated, it doesn't matter if you store your SUP board, it's important to make sure it's clean and dry.
  • When the SUP board is stored deflated and in the folded state, it should lie down, that is, the bottom of the SUP board should be pressed against the floor, and not against the wall.
  • When the SUP board is stored inflated, do not place objects on it, even if they seem light.
  • The place to store the SUP board should ideally be in a dry and ventilated area that does not heat up when exposed to direct sunlight.
How to transport the inflatable SUP board?
One of the biggest benefits of a SUP board is that it can be easily deflated, packed, and carried in a backpack.
An inflated SUP board can be transported by car, but with care:
  • The SUP board should be placed in the center of the trunk deck down and tail first.
  • The fastening straps must be used according to the model of the trunk with the ends hidden to prevent them from flying and flapping in the wind.
  • Do not leave the SUP board on the trunk in direct sunlight!
Scratches and scuffs are very common and are considered normal wear and tear on SUP boards.
  • In case you find the deep cuts or even punctures on SUP board, do not panic, but find a place by spraying board with fresh water, clean the surface and let it dry.
  • Apply the adhesive from the repair kit liberally to the leak in three coats at 20-minute intervals.
  • Take a PVC patch from your repair kit, cut it into a rounded shape slightly larger than the leak, and press down with something heavy for at least 24 hours.
Every SUPHERO KIT includes a range of accessories that compliment your chosen inflatable SUP board and ensure you can jump straight into your very own paddling experience.

  • Inflatable SUP board
  • Wheeled backpack
  • Carbot paddle
  • Quick-release fin
  • Coiled safety leash
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Life vests for you and your crew
  • Waterproof case for your smartphone
  • Hermetic bag to protect your stuff
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